Degree Apprenticeships

Degree Apprenticeships

As an accredited provider on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, our team at GCU London campus in the heart of vibrant Spitalfields is committed to the successful delivery of Degree Apprenticeship programmes.

Over the last 20 years we have been the pioneers in co-creating work-based and part-time programmes with private and public-sector partners in the UK and internationally.

The difference our team brings is in the development of strong partnerships with both employers and apprentices. We work with you to co-create relevant, work-based assignments focused on your business needs, taking advantage of our unique experience of delivering work-based education.

Your employees learn from our industry-led programmes, gaining from expertise from our subject matter experts, collaborating with peers at university and with in-work mentors. This approach enables your employees to optimise their learning while creating solutions to real-world industry challenges, transforming your organisation from the inside.

Choose GCU as your strategic partner in part-time, work-based education to ensure the development of your employees and the future growth of your organisation.

The course the apprentices do is relevant to the job, so before they even graduate they will be bringing what they learn to the workplace

David Miller
Miller Callaghan Engineering

Our one-stop-shop approach to degree-level apprenticeships across the UK

In Scotland, GCU has been approved to run the highest number of Graduate Apprenticeship programmes of any university in Scotland. This demonstrates Skills Development Scotland’s trust in our unique legacy of delivering work-based education across industry and the public sector.

We also work transnationally to deliver bespoke, part-time, work-based education programmes in a range of sectors. We can develop a bespoke programme or dovetail your employees into existing programmes across the UK and internationally.

For UK-based employers, this means that we provide a one-stop-shop for cohesive work-based education provision for all your teams. If you have international staff, we can also find ways to replicate the experience for them outside of our apprenticeship offering with our closed bespoke education programmes.

More information can be found here or to discuss your organisation’s specific needs contact Claire Young, Head of UK Business and Partnerships, on 0141 331 3140.