Ammar AlBalushi

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Ammar AlBalushi

‌I’m a full-time PhD student, who has previously worked as a hotel General Manager and Business Consultant in the Omani hospitality sector. I completed my BSc (Hons) Computer Engineering in 2006 from Glasgow Caledonian University and a Master’s degree in International Management (MIM) from Strathclyde University in 2008. Since then I have worked as a Hospitality Operation Manager, General Manager and Business Developer for various hospitality companies in Oman. I have been involved in reviving two hospitality firms by transforming their brand and improving their business goals. During this period, I gained experience and developed relationships with various government bodies such as the Omani Ministry of Tourism, Muscat Municipality, Royal Oman Police and Omani Ministry of Man Power.

The experience of studying at a PhD level at GCU London was a very positive one. The faculty assigned me supervisors who were experts in their subject areas. I attended many stimulating seminars and group presentations at GCU London. Students were encouraged to present their work during PhD club meetings which really helped to hone my own presentation skills. The debates and critique from my supervisors and fellow colleagues helped to shape my work and I was invited to present my findings at international conferences where I received excellent feedback from experts in the field. The PhD journey has been an ongoing challenging experience for me but it was made easier by the excellent support and encouragement I received from my supervisors, colleagues and the faculty at the London campus.


  • Title: Impacts of tourism development on Oman: The case study of Dubai
  • Supervisors: Prof. John Lennon, Prof. Paurav Shukla, Dr. Nicholas Wise
  • Department and Subject Group: Tourism

Specialisms & Interest

  • Tourism development, cultural studies, tourism and locals identity, Tourism, Sociocultural and Environment, Tourism and Threat.

Current Research

  • My current research investigates the impact of tourism on the local’s economy, environment and sociocultural values in Oman, and what are the lessons that can be drawn from the case study of Dubai.

Selected Publications

“Impacts of tourism development on Oman: The case study of Dubai” Presented in the VII International Congress of Tourism, Dec 2-4, 2014, Muscat, Oman