Graduation Day

Graduation Day is the day you can say “I’ve done it”; it is a milestone in your life. You may be the first person in your family who has graduated, or you may have come back to the university for further study. Whatever stage you are at in your learning or career, we are proud and glad that you have achieved your award with us.

It is the single most important date in our academic calendar. It is the time when our staff can gather with you to celebrate your academic achievement.

The ceremony itself is formal with an academic procession. At each ceremony we normally recognise and honour one or two people from the business or wider community with an Honorary Degree. In the past we have given Lifetime achievement awards and the GCU London Alumus of the Year awards to Jo Malone MBE, Liz Evans, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, Mahmud Kamani, to name but a few. You can watch videos of our previous ceremonies.