What happens before the ceremony?

After you register, you are free to meet your guests but you must not leave Christ Church.  Announcements will be made to inform you when you are to be seated.

What happens at the ceremony?

The ceremony starts promptly at 2.30pm. The Director of Student Experience welcomes everyone and asks you to stand while members of University staff, Court, Senate, Honorary Graduand(s), senior officers of the university, the Mace, the Chancellor and Principal enter in procession to take their seats on stage.

A senior member of university Executive (normally the Chancellor) then opens the Ceremony. At most ceremonies at least one Award is given to someone of public interest. The graduands walk across the stage to be ‘capped’, shake the Chancellor’s hand, receive their certificate from a member of Registry and return to their seats.

There are closing speeches and everyone is invited to attend a drinks reception back at GCU London.

Everyone stands as the Mace, the Chancellor, Principal, Honorary Graduate(s), senior officers of the University, Senate, Court, members of the university staff and graduates leave.

Can people without a ticket watch on screens?

No. No one is allowed in without a ticket and there are no screens.

How long does the ceremony last?

About one and a half hours.

Do I and my guests have to stay for the whole ceremony?