Learning Development Centre

The Learning Development Centre is available to any student on any course at GCU London. The Centre is staffed by a tutor in Academic Development who works with the other GCU London lecturers and can help you to understand and fulfil the academic requirements of your course through appointments, online information, workshops and module-based teaching.

Why might I need to see the ADT?

The Academic Development Team (ADT) can support you in developing the skills to succeed on your course, including:

  • writing in an academic style
  • planning, structuring and editing your written work
  • tackling your reading list and using this information in your writing
  • analysing rather than describing research
  • making the most of feedback
  • presentation and group work skills
  • organising and planning your workload
  • effective revision techniques and exam preparation.

The ADT is here to help all students, of any current level of ability, to improve their work: whether you want to achieve a distinction or pass a re-sit.

How can I book an appointment?

Thirty-minute, face-to-face appointments can be booked online. Please do not book more than one per week, so that as many students as possible can access appointments. This will also allow you time to implement any suggestions. Similarly, please ensure that your appointment is at least two days before your deadline.

What do I need to bring to an appointment?

Please bring a printed copy of your assignment draft or plan, along with the guidance you have been given (for example, the module guide). If the assignment has been marked, please also bring a copy of the feedback you’ve had.

Can I email my work to the ADT?

If you would prefer to receive written feedback, you can email your work to the ADT.  The ADT can only look at about 500 words of each assignment in detail, so please let her know which part she should focus on if you send more than this. Please also provide the full title of the assignment, and send any guidance you have been given (for example, the module guide).

You can also email your work to the ADT if you would like the tutor to look at it before a face-to-face appointment. Please send it at least one full working day in advance (for example, by 2pm on Tuesday if your appointment is at 2pm on Wednesday).

What else does the Learning Development Centre offer?

There is a GCU London Academic Development community on GCU Learn which all London students have been enrolled in. This has several online courses to work through, to develop your abilities to be critical and to plan and organise your writing, and other useful links and resources.

The ADT teaches a series of workshops on improving your writing and editing skills which are open to all GCU students (see the Development Workshop Calendar), and may also teach sessions as part of your course.

What can’t the ADT help with?

The ADT cannot provide advice about the content of your work; these questions need to be answered by your subject lecturer. The ADT will not proofread your work (for example, checking for spelling and grammar errors, or providing detailed advice on a whole essay) as the role of the ADT  is to enable you to develop the ability to edit and improve your own assignments.

How do I reference?

GCU’s Library pages provide detailed guidance on how to use the GCU Harvard system for citations and reference lists.

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