SCONUL access allows you to join local university libraries at no cost. Membership is for one year and includes borrowing privileges.

Complete the online application at, select which library you would like to use and then wait for the acceptance email from your home library. Take your student ID card with a copy of the email to the library you have selected in order to complete the registration process.

Things to consider when selecting a library or planning your visit:

  • Take the acceptance email, your GCU London student card and a photo (if required) to your selected library.
  • Note that the acceptance email is only valid for a limited period of time.
  • Some libraries require several days after registering in person before borrowing privileges are available.
  • If you want to borrow specific materials check the catalogue (links below) before you select a library to ensure they have what you want. Borrowing privileges may have restrictions and may not include short loan materials.
  • Many of these universities have multiple libraries – find the most appropriate one for your subject.
  • Check the location and hours before you go and phone the library if you have questions

We’ve suggested some participating libraries that are within 5 miles of GCU London:

University of the Arts London

Borrowing privileges for most library books. If you wish to borrow on your first visit you should ring the specific UAL library of choice in advance to make an appointment.

Birkbeck College

Bring your SCONUL approval email along with your university ID and a passport-sized photo. 5 items can be borrowed; 3 or 1 week loan period.

City University London

Can borrow up to 5 books. Need to complete a library registration form at first visit and then a borrower's card can be collected on your next visit.

University of East London

Can borrow up to 5 books. Need a photograph.

Goldsmiths, University of London

4 items can be borrowed – 3 week loan time. Register at reception in Rutherford Building –takes 3 days before card can be collected.

London Metropolitan University

4 items can be borrowed from the 3 week or 1 week loan collections. Need to bring a photograph.

London South Bank University

4 items can be borrowed, 2 weeks loan period. Need to bring a photograph.

School of Oriental and African Studies

3 books can be borrowed, from 4 week loan collection only. Need to complete application form at arrival.

University of Westminster

5 books can be borrowed with 3 or 1 week loan period. Need to complete application form on arrival.

Before you go to another library, try Search25:

Search25 allows users to search the library catalogues of many libraries at once, saving time and effort. Research materials are easily located and the subsequent library information describes how to access it. Enter your search term, wait for search to finish and then click user options at the right of the page to see catalogue results.