Confidentiality is a very important aspect of counselling and psychotherapy, enabling people to feel they can talk freely about their concerns in a safe environment.

Our student counsellor will not pass on personal information about clients (including information on attendance) to anyone outside the Service (including academic staff). However there are a very few occasions when we would consider it necessary to break confidentiality.

These are:

  • when you have given us your consent to disclose information.
  • if we believed you were in serious danger of harming yourself or another person.
  • where we have been given information which would render us liable to civil or criminal court procedure should it not be disclosed.

In such situations we would normally encourage you to disclose the information to the relevant person/agency. If there is no indication that this has happened, or is likely to happen, or if the crisis or danger is sufficiently acute, the counsellor may pass on the information directly.

Consent to disclose information will be sought from the client, if at all possible.