GCU is committed to providing an inclusive student experience, which offers all students the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

The Disability Team provides advice, information and services to disabled students and applicants. Each year, around 10% of all GCU students disclose a disability. This includes students with long term medical conditions, sensory impairment, mental ill-health, physical impairments, specific learning disabilities (for example, dyslexia) and students on the autism spectrum.

We seek to promote a learning environment which minimises the impact of disability on the student experience. Towards this aim, we assist staff at GCU by offering information, advice and training related to the support of disabled students, and the promotion of accessible and inclusive teaching and service provision.

Please email disability@gculondon.ac.uk if you have any queries relating to your own needs, or if you wish to know more about GCU’s approach to supporting disabled students.