‌GCU have compiled a range of resources for students and staff to access online which can be found below.

October 2021

28th of October at 2pm: Mind Your Mate: Suicide Prevention Skills

GCU Students' Association are hosting a two-hour live online suicide preventionprogramme to help you understand wheresuicide risk comes from.
During this programme, you will learn how to usethe Look, Listen, Link model to reduce risk withinour friends, flatmates and fellow students, byspotting the signs someone may be at risk, bylistening to them, and linking them to the helpthey need.

Sign up at the GCUSA Event Webpages.


150x50 Togetherall LogoTogetherall is a 24/7 online global community, where individuals can access support from trained professionals. You can use Togetherall as a safe space online to get things off your chest, explore your feelings, get creative and learn how to self-manage your mental health and wellbeing. You are anonymous to other members in the community, and your personal information is kept secure while you are on the site (see Togetherall’s privacy statement).

To join, simply go to www.Togetherall.com and sign up under ‘organisation’ with your academic e-mail address. 

Wellbeing Support During COVID-19

We know this is a very concerning time for everyone. We are here to help and support you and will continue to provide support throughout this period.

Please find some resources below which have been collated to specifically support you emotionally as a result of COVID-19:

Student Space

Student Minds have launched their new programme, Student Space, to help students find support during Covid-19. 


Online articles


Interactive blogs and guides


Gender-based violence support during COVID- 19


Health anxiety 

Additionally, we know that for those members of our University community who already have health anxiety, this may be a particularly challenging time. Please find some resources below for specific support for health anxiety and pandemics:

External Support Websites

Wellbeing and Mental Health



Anxiety and panic




Depression and low mood



Eating problems


 Support for people affected by other people’s gambling:

Gender Based Violence

OCD (Obsessional, compulsive disorder)


Personality Disorders

Pregnancy (and Abortion Support)




Sexual Health



  • NHS - Live Well 


Sleep and Tiredness

Online Guided Wellbeing Courses

Breathing and Muscle Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation techniques like controlled breathing and muscle relaxation can be useful tools for feeling calmer quickly and reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. The Samaritans have online breathing and muscle relaxation exercises on YouTube. 


Samaritans Self-Help App

The Samaritans have launched a self-help app which offers people practical ways to cope and stay safe if they're going through a difficult time. 

The app centres around a mood tracker, which you can use to record how you're feeling and see patterns in your mood. It also recommends techniques to try, based on how you're feeling at the time.




The Arc: Health and Fitness - Online Classes

‚ÄčTo help us to stay fit at home, instructors from the Arc: Health and Fitness are posting daily workouts and streaming free pilates and yoga classes. The daily workouts will be posted on the Arc's Facebook page and the pilates and yoga classes will be delivered via Zoom. 

They are also setting fun challenges, such as 100 squats a day. 

Kathleen Campbell, the Arc manager, said: "It's really important at this time to keep active during these difficult times, both for your physical and mental health. The workouts are free and no equipment is required and we hope you find them fun and inspiring." 

To watch the daily workouts and to access the pilates and yoga classes, visit the Arc's Facebook page


Interactive Programmes

Support Helplines

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Alcohol related problems:

  • Drinksmarter: 0800 7314 314 (Alcohol Related Support)
  • Drinkline: 0300 123 1110 (weekdays: 9-8pm; weekends: 11-4pm) (Alcohol Related Support)

Drug related problems:


Domestic violence:

  •  National Domestic Violence helpline: 0808 2000 247 (24 hours)

Self care




Getting active



Human connection


Autism - 'The world needs all kinds of minds'