Additional Costs

In addition to the cost of tuition fees, there are some additional costs you may have to cover during your time at University. For any costs specific to your course, specialist equipment, membership fees and so on, you will find these on the individual course page.

As the University for the Common Good, we provide a number of scholarships and bursaries and sources of funding that can help you to manage the cost of your education.

For full details of the fees and costs you are required to pay the University, please refer to our fees and refund policy.

Postgraduate Re-registration fee

You will be charged a re-registration fee of £150 should you have to re-register into a new or additional academic year beyond the planned duration of your studies. This does not apply in situations where the extension is caused by changes implemented by the University. Individual circumstances will be considered.

Graduation costs

When the time comes, make sure you are prepared to enjoy your graduation day by taking into account the costs involved.