Entry Requirements

We accept a wide range of international qualifications as suitable entry requirements for our Master's Degrees which are equivalent to a UK 2:2 honours degree at GCU London. We will consider qualifications that are not listed on an individual basis.

Before you apply you should check the entry requirements for your chosen degree against the qualifications achieved in your country in the below table.

Country Qualification Equivalent to UK 2:2 hons
  • Master's Degree
  • BSc Engineering from Kabul University
High grades
Algeria Licence Diplôme de [subject area] Diplôme d'Études Supérieures Diplôme d'Ingénieur / Diplôme d'Architecte d'État 12/20 or assez bien
Australia Bachelor degree 2:2 hons
Austria Bachelor Fachhochschuldiplom / Diplom (FH) 2.5/5 (Gut / Befriedigend)
Azerbaijan Bakalavr Diplomu (Bachelor degree) from 2004 onwards Diplomu (Specialist Diploma) 4/5 60%
Bangladesh 4 Year Bachelor Honours Degree First class
Bangladesh BUET 4-year Bachelor (Honours) degree 2i or First Class
Bangladesh 2 year Master's degree plus a 2 year Bachelor Degree successfully completed a Bachelor (Honours) degree of at least three years duration, followed by a Masters degree of one or two years duration. Degrees must be from a recognised institution in Bangladesh First class
Barbados Bachelor degree 2:2 honours
Botswana Master's Degree Second class (second division) / C average
Brazil Título de Bacharel / Título de [subject area] / Grau de Bacharel' / 'Diploma de Bacharel Título de Licenciado/a / Grau de Licenciado/a' / 'Diploma de Licenciado/a' Certificado de Especialista / Curso de Especialização 6.5 minimum
Cameroon Honours Bachelor Degree 2:2 honours
Canada Bachelor degree 2:2 Honours degree GPA 2.7/4.0
Chile Grado de Licenciado en [subject area] 4.0/7.0
China Bachelor Degree '70%
China 3 year Junior College plus 2 year undergraduate degree 70% in both qualifications
Cyprus Ptychion 4 year Bachelor degree from a Cypriot university GPA 6.5
Dominican Republic
  • Licenciatura (of at least 4 years)
  • INTEC (Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo) degrees are three years in length but cover the credits and syllabus of 4 year programmes so should be accepted
  • Note: applicants with grades lower than this are likely to not be awarded government funding to study in UK
80 out of 100 3 out of 5 Muy Bueno/Very Good
Ecuador Título de Licenciado / Título de [subject area] No standard grading system in place, each application must be judged on case-by-case-basis
Egypt Bachelor degree 65% GPA 2.7
France Maitrise Diplome d'Ingenieur Licence 12/20; Assez bien
Gambia At present there is no qualification offered in the Gambia which is suitable for progression onto a British Masters course. Students need to have a British Bachelor degree, grade 2:2 or above, or equivalent. N/A
Germany Bachelor Erste Staatsprüfung (Jura / Sekundarstufe II / Sonderpädagogische Lehrämter) Erste Staatsprüfung (Primarstufe / Sekundarstufe I) Fachhochschuldiplom / Diplom (FH) Magister Artium / Diplom 2.5/5 (Gut / Befriedigend)
Ghana Honours Bachelor Degree 2:2 honours
Greece Bachelor degree / Pytchion (from an AEI) 5.0
Hong Kong Bachelor degree 2:2 hons GPA 2.7/4.0
India 4 year Bachelor degree 50%
India 3 year Bachelor Degree  60%* *Exceptions (Prestigious Universities): University of Delhi/Kolkata/Pune require 55%+
Indonesia Bachelor degree Sarjana 1 (S1) GPA 2.75/4.0 or 6/10
Iran Bachelor degree / Licence / Karshenasi Professional Doctorate 12/20
Iraq 4 year Bachelor degree 70%
Italy Diploma Universitatio Diploma di Laurea 25/30 - courses; 90/110 - thesis
Jamaica Bachelor degree 2:2 honours
Jordan Bachelor degree Good
Kazakhstan Specialist Diploma (since 1991) in relevant subject 4/5
Kazakhstan Bakalavr (since 1991) in a relevant subject 4/5
Kazakhstan Magister (since 1991) 4/5
Kazakhstan 4 year Bachelor degree 4/5
Kenya Bachelor Degree 2:2 honours degree
Kuwait Bachelor degree CGPA 2.75/4.0
Libya Bachelor degree 60%
Malaysia Bachelor degree 2:2 hons GPA 2.5 / 4.0
Mexico Licentiatura Licenciado '7/10
  • Diplôme d'Écoles Nationales de Commerce et de Gestion
  • Licence / Licence d'Études Fondamentales / Licence Professionnelle
  • Diplôme du Cycle Normal
  • Diplôme d'Ingénieur d'État
  • Maîtrise
  • Certificat d'Études Approfondies
12/20 or assez bien
Myanmar (Union of Burma) MBBS accepted for all Bio-suite programmes All other programmes on a case-by-case basis N/A
Nepal 4 year Bachelor’s degree 65%
Nepal 5 year Bachelor degree 60%
Netherlands Bachelor degree (from 2002) / Hoger Beroepsonderwijs (HBO) (pre-2002) Doctoraal 6.5/10
New Zealand Bachelor degree 2:2 hons
Nigeria Bachelor Degree 2:2 honours degree
Norway Candidatus Magisteri Sivilingenior (Engineering) Siviløkonom (Economics) C
Oman Bachelor degree GPA 2.7/4.0
Pakistan 4 year Bachelor Degree  50%
Pakistan 2 or 3 year Bachelor plus and Masters 50% in both programmes
Poland Licencjat / Inżynier (after 2001) Magister / Magister Inżynier ECTS Grade: C/D Polish grade: 3.5/5.0
Portugal Liceniatura Diploma de Estudos Superiores Especializados (DESE) 14/20
Russia Диплом Бакалавра (Bachelor degree) Диплом Специалиста (Specialist Diploma) Bachelor degree 4/5
Saudi Bachelor degree
  • GSBS: GPA of 2.6 / 5.0 or 2.1 / 4.0
  • EBE: GPA of 2.7/ 5.0 or 2.3 /4.0
  • HLS: GPA of 2.7 / 5.0 or 2.3 /4.0
Singapore Bachelor degree
  • 2:2 hons
  • GPA 2.7/4.0 (when USA system used)
  • CAP 3.5 (used by National University of Singapore)
South Africa Bachelor degree 2:2 hons
Spain Licenciado Titulo de Ingeniero Titulo de Arquitecto 6.0/10
Sri Lanka Bachelor degree 2:2 hons
Sweden Bachelor degree / Kandidatexamen Yrkesexamen / Professional Bachelor degree Godkänd (Pass)
Taiwan 4 year Bachelor degree 70% GPA 2.7/4.0
Taiwan 3 year Junior College plus 2 year undergraduate degree 70% GPA 2.7/4.0 in both qualifications
Thailand Bachelor degree GPA 2.5 / 4.0 Exception for qualifications from top four universities which require GPA 2.3:
  • Chulalongkorn University
  • Kasetsart University
  • Thammasat University
  • King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
  • Exception for Bachelor degrees in selected subject area which require GPA 2.3:
  • Engineering / Built Environment / Architecture
  • Computing / IT
  • Science
  • Health
  • Exception for Bachelor degrees in Business from Assumption University (APAC) which require GPA 2.3
The Philippines Master's degree Pass
The Philippines Bachelor degree from a Centre of Excellence 70%
Trinidad and Tobago Bachelor degree 2:2 honours
  • Maîtrise
  • Diplôme National d'Architecture
  • Diplôme National d'Ingénieur
  • Docteur en Médecine / Vétérinaire
  • Diplôme d'Études Supérieures Spécialisées
12/20 or assez bien
Turkey Mühendis Diplomasi Lisans Diplomasi GPA 2.8 / 4.0
UAE Bachelor degree GPA 2.5/4.0
Uganda Bachelor degree 2:2 hons
  • Диплом бакалавра (Bachelor degree) after 2007
  • Диплом спеціаліста (Specialist Diploma)
  • Диплом магістра (Master's degree)
USA 4 year Bachelor GPA 2.7 / 4.0
Vietnam Bachelor Degree 7 / 10 GPA 3.0 / 4.0
Zimbabwe Bachelor degree 2:2 honours